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SINCE 1980

When one envisions the elegantly refined lifestyle, one would go through life studying the details of life with such a lens on. Jamie Lotta had such voracity for this vision. The resulting visage is the Anemone before you today. It is the composition of visions, desires, emotions & dreams. In short -Savoring life in style.

Officially founded in 2015, the concept of Anemone had always been a multi-faceted experiential vision. Taking in the world through the every sense filtered through the heart Jamie has been building the personality and soul of Anemone throughout her life. With life and energy breathed into it, Anemone has taken to a personality of its own, changing and evolving as it grows.

We take pride in bringing what nourishes Anemone and tantalizes its senses to everyone who appreciates elegant and refined living.  

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Toffee is a finicky thing, when being produced it responds to every element around it: heat, humidity, ambient temperature..everything." says Executive Chef Christopher Lotta. "It even responds to the emotion put into it. Put a feeling in and the person enjoying the finished toffee gets the feeling out."  Christopher was trained in the legacy recipe from the master toffee-maker in Jamie's family years ago. "There is no recipe, to instructions, its all in the feeling" he was told. Understanding that concept as a personal tenant of his own, Christopher knows from his own experience in cooking that a patron can not only taste but also feel when love gets put into food. 

Over several years Christopher learned to master the legacy recipe and refine its presentation while keeping the elegance of taste and love of the craft intact. Now the toffee represents the Anemone core and always stays true to the form of its former masters: elegance and refined savoring. 

The Signature Series toffee is the timeless production of the recipe from many generations. It has not, nor ever will, deviate from its roots. Yet Anemone has been able to take the form and style and expand the feeling into other varieties and palettes. 

We will always continue to always explore and adventure into the new and exciting, bringing many fun things along the way. 



Aphrodite's Flower

The Anemone flower. Simple & exotic, yet elegant & understated. Jamie first came across the Anemone flower represented in all we do many years ago. She found it fit into her visage of what represents elegantly-refined living. 

With its velvety-pillowed white petals one thinks of the softest of fabrics stuffed with the lightest of downs. They draw feelings of comfort, luxury, and indulgence from deep in the self, relaxing the mind and rejuvinating the soul.  
The ink-blue center and stamens provide an incredible contrast to the petals. Rich & elegant, vibrant & velvety. Such a depth in color and refinement of texture bring thoughts of royalty robes, quills & inkwells, and . Drawing on feelings of sophistication, boldness, and accomplishment the mind is enlivened with graces and the soul touched with a strong serenity.

All of these feelings, memories, and sensory ideas come together and provide a representation of what and who Anemone is. The flower we hold very dear, and consider the tenants that it represents to us in every action we take and every piece that we make.



Anemone has been grown out of and is still based in Marin, California. With a blessing of temperate weather throughout the year, there is no window limit experienced in many areas for making the toffee that we love and cherish. We are also in the heartland of amazing agriculture as well as progressive-refined culture itself, positioning us to reap the bounties of both facets, and bring their Anemone counterparts to our family and yours.

We will go where-ever the love of refined & elegant living is appreciated.  We at Anemone love what we do and want to share this elegant joy of life with many life-minded persons. 




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